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Isolated Systems

Isolated Systems

Also called off-grid are photovoltaic solar systems that are not connected to the conventional grid and whose main purpose is to provide power to remote non-grid locations such as rural villages or other isolated and / or difficult to reach locations .

This solution is often used in this type of site since it is often the most economical and practical way to obtain electrical energy. The applicability of this type of solution often involves isolated dwellings, water pumping systems, pedestrian lighting systems, small factories, warehouses, etc.

All the energy generated is stored in batteries that guarantee the supply during periods without sun exposure.


The installation of isolated photovoltaic solar energy systems is essentially indicated in locations where there is no access to grid electricity.

Its production is therefore intended to eliminate the energy shortages of the inhabitants of the same.


Use of unused spaces, such as the roofs of houses and buildings or land;

Make energy available to poor localities;

Production of clean energy that helps contribute to the improvement of the environment.
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